Hickin: Community leader who 'stays on task'

To the Editor:

I would like to give the residents of Pataskala some background on one of the fine citizens running for City Council. I have personally worked with Timothy Hickin on many projects; I have found him to be an honest, caring and dedicated person.

Tim is a man that stays on task and keeps a level head when trying to get past obstacles and figure the best approach and solution to problems. Through some last-minute changes, bumps in the road or whatever comes up, he never has lost his sense of humor. We have been coming down to the wire on deadlines and he will say something to make us all crack up, take a break and refocus on what we need to get done as a group.

Tim might not always agree with me or others on projects or how to approach a certain matter, but I have never seen him react on a whim or shut down another's approach without thoroughly hearing it all the way through. He always takes the time to research the facts and make a truly informed decision before going ahead with the project or addressing the situation.

He did not have an easy task heading a PTO organization filled with ladies that would go a million miles a minute in 20 different directions all at once; he still managed to keep the end result in focus and keep all involved focused and on task. It was a truly a pleasure working with him.

Tim and his family are truly all about this community, the Southwest Licking school district and the families in it. They give so much of their time to multiple organizations, and not just Southwest Licking schools or sports. They help in many other ways, and it is evident that they truly care about this town.

I encourage you to vote for Timothy Hickin for City Council. It will be good for this community.

Amy Bost
Watkins Middle School PTO vice president