Is council hopeful able to manage money well?

To the Editor:

I just love the politics in Delaware County. I respect the many office-holders who give so much of their time and talents for the good of their constituents. But I am awed by the other politicians who embarrass themselves with their antics, like the two county commissioners who left office because of ethics violations, the state senator who was involved in a domestic violence allegation, and the county sheriff who resigned because of indiscretions and misuse of funds. Also, there is our state representative, an officer of his Powell councilwoman wife's company, which has had five employer-based tax liens in the last three years.

Now we have a Delaware councilwoman wannabe, Teri Owens, who says she manages her husband's law practice. A $32,000 federal tax lien was filed against his law practice in April 2010. It makes one ask how can somebody who has trouble with personal business finances be able to guide a city with a multimillion dollar budget? Or is there another reason for not paying their taxes? Delaware, we deserve better than this.

Bill Stroud