In crucial election, choose proven leaders

To the Editor:

The citizens of Westerville will cast one of the most important votes in the history of our lovely community on Nov. 5. That is when we will decide who will lead our school district. There are two very different choices we can make. One path will return to Westerville to one of a leading school district, with innovative programming and strong financial accountability. The other will model our district on a small and failing community (Springboro) south of Dayton. Does anyone want Westerville to follow the second path?

I strongly recommend we vote for Nancy Nestor-Baker, Tracy Davidson, and Rick Vilardo for the Westerville school board!

I had the honor of serving on the Westerville school board with Nancy Nestor-Baker. Nancy is perhaps the single greatest resource we have in this community when it comes to developing cutting edge curriculum and award winning programming. Nancy is a strong leader who knows how our schools play a vital role in supporting our city and businesses.

It has been a pleasure to get to serve side-by-side with Tracy Davidson over the past several years in support of our schools. Tracy spends numerous hours every week volunteering in buildings that don't even include her own kids.Tracy has vowed to make decisions based on how each vote will impact our children. Is there a greater quality that we look for in an elected official?

I've watched Rick Vilardo lead our community during good times and bad. Rick is a caring man who is able to reach across any table and find consensus. He is absolutely the right leader for our schools and community as we strive to come together -- for our children.

Put simply, voting for Rick Vilardo, Nancy Nestor-Baker, and Tracy Davidson is a vote for Westerville. Please join me in voting for Nancy, Tracy, and Rick and let's become great again. Let's become Westerville again.

Rick Bannister
former member, Westerville
Board of Education