From Brooklyn to Upper Arlington

Mowed grass better than overgrown areas at park

To the Editor:

Although I haven't lived in Upper Arlington since graduating from UAHS years ago, I am back with some regularity to visit my parents (and, well, to eat Iacono's pizza). While home, I also look forward to running in Thompson nee Lane Road Park.

When I was in Columbus this past weekend, I was met with a discouraging landscape at the park. Why has the city allowed it to be overrun with tall, wild grass?

The sections featuring a hay/weed hybrid seem especially sad at the southern border of the park, which is visible from heavily trafficked McCoy Road.

I am writing to lobby that, come spring, the Parks Department rethink these nature preserve areas and reintroduce grass back throughout Thompson Park's 49 acres.

Kara Hughes
Brooklyn, N.Y.