Nestor-Baker is my first choice for board

To the Editor:

As Election Day draws near, I am feeling very anxious about the future of Westerville City Schools. There are very clear choices for voters in the school board race.

My first choice is Nancy Nestor-Baker, and here's why.

Experience. Nancy Nestor-Baker understands and has exhibited success in administering a school district. Her previous years on the school board; her professional work in educational communities; and her solid involvement in the educational community are unsurpassed by any other candidate.

Integrity. Nancy Nestor-Baker has a past record of serving with truth and transparency -- things that the electorate is craving. Much has been made, by a few people, of Nancy and other candidates receiving the endorsement and accompanying contributions from the teachers union. As a former teacher, I find this criticism absurd. The fact that the teachers union has endorsed Nancy tells me that this extremely important group of stakeholders trust Nancy to do what is right for our students.

Vision. Nancy Nestor-Baker has participated in various panels and forums during this campaign. She has not refused anyone's invitation to discuss and share ideas.

The Burgess ticket has welcomed the educational ideas from Springboro, Ohio, using the philosophy of Kelly Kohls as a model for school reform. Ms. Kohls is chairwoman of the Warren County TEA Party. Mr. Burgess is the director of the Westerville TEA Party. Mr. Sodt is a founding member of the Westerville TEA party -- they are running as a team. To me, this has all the appearances of a political ticket.

The LAST thing a school board needs is a political party to take control. While I agree with many of the TEA party's approaches to fiscal responsibility, I find their approach to educational reform and curriculum misguided, unproductive, and confrontational.

Phyllis Magold