Retain strong leadership on the board of education

To the Editor:

Having served with him for the last five years, I can tell you that Kevin Hoffman sets a very high standard as a school board member.

He places a clear focus on providing high quality education for each of our students. Kevin continuously works to maximize the value of every dollar with which we are entrusted and actively seeks community input in his decision making.

He asks the tough questions and does his due diligence before casting a vote. Kevin proposes creative and innovative ideas while demonstrating strong management skills.

And he models the kinds of positive behaviors that we expect of a leader in our school community.

For these reasons and many more, I urge all voters in the Westerville City School District to retain strong proven leadership by voting to re-elect Kevin Hoffman to the Westerville Board of Education.

Denise M. Pope
president, Westerville Board of Education