Vote to re-elect Hoffman

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Kevin Hoffman for the Westerville Board of Education. Kevin has been entrusted by the citizens of Westerville to help provide direction to the district for the past 12 years, and we couldn't have made a better choice!

As a frequent attendee of the BOE meetings and a past member of the FACT Committee, numerous personnel search committees, and a present member of the Audit Committee, I have seen firsthand how Kevin shows in every situation how passionate he is about the district, education, and most importantly the students.

Kevin, a father of two children in the district, has overseen incredible growth of the district, and has been part of the team that has helped our district earn the state designation of Excellent with Distinction for the past three school years.

Kevin continually shows his understanding of the operations of the district and especially the budget and fiscal operations of the district. Kevin has been a great fiscal steward of the district's revenue; he has worked with the administrative team to maximize the efficiency of the district and maximize savings opportunities. Kevin has worked tirelessly to provide opportunities to the students of our district, even in tough economic times.

As a father of two current students in the district and one graduate, I know that Kevin's top priority is to continue to provide great educational opportunities for our children and he will continue to be an excellent fiscal steward of our district finances. Please join with me on Nov. 5 and vote to re-elect Kevin Hoffman to the Westerville school board.

Alfred Hammond