Why I'm running for school board

To the Editor:

I'm running for the Westerville Board of Education because I'm a dad of two awesome kids that are 8 and 10.

If there is nothing else I do in my life, I want to be an example to them on how to be a positive influence for change while being a person of integrity, honesty, compassion, and truth.

My pledge to you is to get my kids, your kids, all kids everywhere the very best education our community can afford.

I run because we're a divided community with a board most feel is not listening. My pledge to you is to listen, learn, be your voice, and promote unity.

I run because we have become the second highest property taxed district in Franklin County.

My pledge to you is to bring spending under control and back in line what our community can afford.

I run because we are losing kids and dollars to charters.

My pledge to you is to find out "why" and "fix" it.

Could it be because our middle school students have two study halls?

Could it be because busing was greatly reduced and some of our kids have to walk up to 2 miles to school every day?

Could it be because we've shut down our magnet schools without any clear evidence of savings that were expected?

If you would like to see change, efficiency, leadership that listens, transparency, innovation, restoration to cuts we've yet to see after passing the last levy and more technology in the classrooms, I ask for your vote.

I promise to build bridges and work toward all of those things I believe are needed in the Westerville school district. I invite you to join the conversation at edwardsforboe.com. It's your vote, it's your voice, it's their future.

Robert Edwards