Why to not vote for Burgess, Davis and Sodt for the school board

To the Editor:

Start with two words -- Tea Party. The Tea Party is an extreme far-right faction of the Republican party who are willing, and wanting, to shut down the government in order to get their way -- think Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachman and Paul Ryan. Tea Partiers are interested in busting unions, privatization and letting those with less stay that way.

These three men running for the school board are following Tea Party guidelines by weedling their way into the politics of a community in any way they can then imposing their philosophies when it is too late.

By claiming "responsible" change and claiming they will not raise taxes, they are banking on your vote -- especially the elderly and those on fixed/low incomes. No one wants their taxes raised, so they know you'll fall in line with that claim.

What does it mean that, "If the adults who operate the school district overspend, they will be held responsible by bearing the brunt of any cuts?" Are these "adults" going to have to pay for these themselves? What does it mean that you are going to "rebid and renegotiate contracts"? Trying to fight with the unions?

Trying to pay teachers less is not the way to improve the school system. We want quality teachers, not the cheapest ones and what Westerville pays is not out of line with other school districts.

How are you going to "stretch our dollars to minimize your taxes and restore programs and services that have been reduced or eliminated"? Where is that money going to come from? How can programs be restored with no money? How will you "restore the middle school curriculum to prior levels"?

Don't be fooled by these people. To me, "voting responsibly," means to NOT vote for people who will hold Westerville hostage to get their own way. We deserve better.

Nancy Stalling