Seek out neutral sources for candidate information

To the Editor:

The Westerville school board election is the most challenging that voters and candidates themselves have seen in years. Eight hopefuls are running for the three school board seats. Only one incumbent is seeking re-election. So with eight names to choose from, how does one make a decision short of being influenced by the plethora of signs in the neighborhood?

Unlike candidate websites where individuals extol their own merits, consult neutral sources where the same questions are asked of each candidate.

The League of Women Voters information bulletin appears online: lwvcols.org.

ThisWeek and The Dispatch asked very specific questions of board candidates. Those responses can be found at: thisweeknews.com/votersguide.

Only one board candidate participated in the screening by the Columbus Post: columbuspost.com/columbus post-endorsements.

If you have yet to decide how to cast one, two, or three votes for the board seats, please visit the above sites to see how the candidates explained their goals for the district. Unfortunately you might not get complete information because candidates sometimes chose not to respond or exceeded the word limit.

Just be an informed voter on Nov. 5.

Peg Duffy