Planning commission limits aren't good for city

To the Editor:

This Election Day, the residents of Marysville have an opportunity to correct an error made many years ago as part of the charter review process that occurs every four years.

Historical recaps state that term limits were added to the Marysville Planning Commission in an effort to remove people that the city government did not want any longer. The city charter calls for planning commission members to be re-appointed every four years, If someone is not meeting the needs of the city, the mayor and City Council should not re-appoint them.

The planning commission is an important volunteer position ($50 per month) that drives the zoning for the city and its residents. To find seven residents who are willing and able to take on this challenge is not always easy. Once you find a candidate, it takes time for them to fully understand the ordinances. Then they work on how to implement them for the best of the residents of the city. Having experienced people to help drive the process is the key to success.

It is my personal opinion that the current term limits are not in the best interest of the city. If they are not removed, two of the seven members of the planning commission will be removed at the end of their current terms for no reason other than a rule designed to avoid making informed decisions on who serves on the commission.

Are term limits a bad thing? Not necessarily, but this is the only place within the city of Marysville that they exist and that is wrong.

I urge the citizens to get out, support the 2013 Charter Review Commission, and vote to remove the term limits for the Marysville Planning Commission.

Martin E. Pratt