Washington Township

Re-elect Denise King as Washington trustee

To the Editor:

Washington Township in Franklin County is fortunate to have Denise Franz King as a township trustee since 2002.

Denise is genuinely concerned about safety, fairness, integrity and financial efficiency for not only her immediate constituents, but also the surrounding community members.

She realizes when government entities and citizens work together, government is more efficient, effective and fair.

She proved this in 2011 when she listened to constituents and led the release of 600 annexed properties in the Hayden Run Corridor from unfair dual taxation for fire services, resulting in a 14-percent decrease in property taxes for those residents.

Safety was maintained for the township, yet lower property taxes put money back into those residents' pockets to spend on their own homes and neighborhood. Lower property taxes help to maintain home values and salability.

Be sure to re-elect for Denise Franz King for Washington Township Trustee!

Janet DaPrato