John Birch Society's views have no place on City Council

To the Editor:

Delaware City Council is no place for extremist ideology, right or left. But a candidate for council, Teri Owens, is a local leader of the John Birch Society, which has extremist views hostile to local government.

A speech by one Tom DeWeese on the society's website calls "sustainable development" "the UN's plan to establish control over all human activity." It warns about this "evil":

"Almost every community in America now has some sort of 'visioning statement' designed to control development and property use, while dictating rules for business, transportation, water use, food production, and much more."

(Delaware's development, zoning and transportation plans show very good government, in my opinion.)

Rails-to-trails bikeways, wetlands regulations and historic preservation projects are condemned: an "excuse to control human development or activities."

Parks? "Valuable natural resources have been locked away in national parks and preserves."

Public schools? The JBS website promotes a book called The Harsh Truth About Public Schools.

These examples typify the extremist ideology propounded by Mrs. Owens' organization. Voters who want the services, orderly democratic decision-making and stability that Delaware provides should vote for the two candidates who have a proven record of service in good government: Carolyn Riggle and George Hellinger.

Marianne Gabel