Sparks would be 'trustworthy trustee' for Monroe Township

To the Editor:

After the recent government shutdown that has affected many people in our community, it is time we the people make some positive changes to our government, starting at the local level of township trustee.

The first step is to become educated about the candidates and to vote. As registered voters, how many people have gone to the polls only to select candidates without knowing anything about them, what they stand for or their role in our government?

This is the time of the year, you are unable to go anywhere without seeing yards full of campaign signs. How do you decide? Does the one with the most signs win?

Monroe Township has five candidates running for the two positions of township trustee.

You may have seen the purple and white signs around Johnstown -- the same color as Relay For Life that is held locally at Johnstown High School. Candidate Russell Sparks annually participates in this event with his wife of 20 years. You may have also seen him on this field during Johnstown's football games as he is a sports photographer. He is a proud father of three sons and is very active in their lives. As a committee member of Boy Scouts of America Troop 20, he also volunteers with the Cub Scouts. These groups of young men meet at the First Southern Baptist Church, of which he is also a member.

Russell graduated from Northridge High School and was a member of the band. He also has helped the community as a past volunteer firefighter. Russell Sparks is a lifelong resident of Licking County, of which 19 years have been in the Johnstown area.

As you go to the polls, Nov. 5, please consider voting for Russell Sparks as he already serves our community in so many ways. Imagine the positive benefits our local community will have by electing someone who can provide new insight to our government and can be a trustworthy trustee.

Linda E. Norris
Monroe Township