Vote for Compton to stem rising tide of local debt

To the Editor:

Have you ever noticed how politicians seem to tell you only the things that make them look good? Mayor Butcher is a case in point when he tells you about all the "lovely" grant money he has brought to Pataskala without telling you the many downsides to this money.

First, for many of these grants to be obtained, matching funds and engineering costs must be "found." In Pataskala, most of this money is obtained by borrowing money. This deficit spending is made even worse when even more money is borrowed to repair essential items like the roads. Pataskala is currently well over $2 million in debt because of this. Not exactly chump change.

Then there is the inequity of who gets these "free sidewalks." Some people do, some people don't. Guess you have to hope you are getting the "free ones."

There is also the inequity of which part of Pataskala benefits from these grants. The residents of the rural parts of Pataskala get no "freebies," only the debt accrued. Lucky them.

Further, there have been no provisions made for the future cost of repairs to these subsidized sidewalks and bike paths. Likely more deficit spending.

Finally, everyone will, if Mayor Butcher is re-elected, likely pay a price for these grants. Since Mayor Butcher has often expressed great pride in his grant efforts, it is likely he will continue to bury Pataskala in debt until at some point in the future he will be asking the citizens to approve yet another increase in the income tax. Oh goodie, more money out of the citizens' paychecks.

The solution is to hope that Mayor Butcher continues to pursue his interest in an available seat as a county commissioner, or better yet, vote for the better mayoral candidate, Mike Compton.

Eileen DeRolf