Green space, splash pad, a community gathering place.

To the Editor:

Green space, splash pad, a community gathering place.

Where is it being built? In our Uptown Historic District ,of course. The pavilion will be a great tool in revitalizing the core of our city. This project will bring our citizens to the Uptown.

I want to praise the mayor and administration for allowing a monumental park to be built. This park will forever alter the way we build in the Uptown.

I know parking is a concern for some. We do not have a parking problem in our Uptown. We have a destination problem.

As a younger resident of our great city, I never have trouble finding a parking stall, have you? There are plenty of parking lots that sit empty.

I would suggest some improvements to these parking lots, such as updating these lots with the same infrastructure as the Uptown. We need trees, light poles, brick walks etc. The next question comes to mind: How can we get people to use them and walk?

As we continue in the future in revitalizing our Historic District, it's essential we preserve and protect our landmarks and move our district into the 21st century. We must attract business, jobs and restaurants to the Uptown.

I know one day we will have parking issue or parking problem. The ideologythat says you build it, they will come, is very true.

I want to thank everyone for their hard work, dedication and long hours spent on bringing Partners Park to life. What a success for the Uptown, community and city!

Congratulations to all who were involved.

Donald Boerger