Fox is asset to City Council because he tells the truth

Wednesday January 29, 2014 1:01 PM

To the Editor:

I have been attending Pataskala City Council meetings fairly often for about the last two years to observe the dynamics of this body; I find them to be remarkably consistent and almost predictable.

No matter what the issue before council, one person is consistently present, prepared with researched information, facts and figures; consistently ready with pertinent and probing questions, citing legal requirements of or constraints on council's actions; consistently offers reasonable suggestions and alternatives to other council members' emotionally charged but less well-thought-out proposals; and stands on practicality and truth and says what needs to be said regardless of how hard it is to say or how hard it is for the rest to hear.

That one person is Councilman Mike Fox.

He consistently marches right in to the center of any issue, not avoiding the controversy for the sake of appearances, or fearing what others may think of him or say about him.

He tells the truth and is comfortable with it, even when it makes others squirm.

Because of Councilman Fox's blunt honesty in regard to foolish pet projects of various other council members and city staff, he has earned a reputation for being contentious.

However, those who would rather he were less contentious are actually showing that they would prefer he be less honest.

Sue Burkholder