Don't add Annex's demolition to list of Columbus' mistakes

To the Editor:

Columbus has this history of doing stupid things, such as running Interstate 71 right through the center of the city and splitting it, and tearing down the train station.

Something similar is about to happen with the Clinton Annex at Clinton Elementary School. As Mary Beth Hirsch told the CAC, "When it'sgone, it's gone."

We've already lost the Clinton theater, and that area of High Street already looks like a war zone or the worst parts of Detroit. As the years pass, there's no change.

Tearing down the Clinton Annex will just make an ugly situation worse.

What's wrong with allowing some enterprising construction group to turn the school into condos or apartments? That's something that's done often in Columbus with former schools and manufacturing buildings.

We very much need additional housing here. We very much don't need another vacant eyesore lot where there once was a very fine 100-year-old building.

Chip Elliott