School district's 'blizzard bags' should not include busywork

To the Editor:

As a student at Hilliard Bradley High School, I am affected by the use of "blizzard bags." This winter has been rather harsh, and Hilliard City Schools has used all five allotted calamity days.

Two weeks ago, the district canceled school because of snow and used blizzard bags so no makeup days would be required by the state.

One thing I noticed is that the teachers were required to assign blizzard bags, regardless of whether there was any useful work to be done.

This was the case for several of my teachers, who expressed that there was no need for them. Consequently, a lot of busywork was assigned, and some students did not do the assignments.

I think that the blizzard-bag method would be more effective if teachers weren't required to assign them.

Joshua Mars
Hilliard Bradley student