City leaders seem too eager to repeal term limits

To the Editor:

Here are the facts about Issue 31, the unsuccessful attempt to end term limits that appeared on the November ballot.

* City Council appoints Councilman Robert Bailey's wife, Naja, to the charter commission (which, in itself, is a conflict of interest).

* At the first charter review meeting on May 1, 2013, it was Naja Bailey who said, and I quote from the minutes, "her only concern was ... regarding term limits." She said that with the city now being 60 percent rental, the pool of people to run for office is smaller. She said she doesn't like members trading places from wards to at-large and vice versa just to stay in office. In a community this small, she said they don't have many people who do want to get involved, and if citizens don't want them in, they can vote them out.

Some of you will recall that this is almost word for word the argument made by the mayor in her letter to the editor Oct. 24, 2013.

* The charter commission recommends to council that a charter amendment ending term limits for council members be placed on the November ballot.

* Council votes to expand the recommendation and places on the ballot Issue 31 to end term limits for all elected officials.

* At some point, a committee was formed to promote the passage of Issue 31 called YOUR Right to Vote, with Steve Quincel as treasurer.

* A mailing went out to voters with the slogan: "VOTE YES on Issue 31, take back your voting rights by repealing term limits."

* Sole contributors to YOUR Right to Vote: Mayor Kim Maggard, $300; City Attorney Mike Shannon, $300; Assistant to the Mayor Cindy Stewart, $200; Carpenters Local Union 200 PCE, $150 (Council President Jim Graham is a builder); Steve Quincel, $100.

The facts speak for themselves, Whitehall.

Jacquelyn K. Thompson