Efforts too late; fate of Clinton annex has long been sealed

To the Editor:

For the second time this month, the Clinton Elementary School PTA finds itself correcting District 3 CAC representative Ms. Libby Wetherholt and her misinformation about the Clinton Annex ("Wrecking ball looms, but some are still fighting, ThisWeek Booster, Feb. 13).

So once again, here are the facts:

* The fate of the Clinton Annex building was sealed when Columbus City Schools opted not to include it in the Clinton renovation four years ago. Our PTA didn't have a voice then and we don't have a voice now.

* The current PTA did not "vote to demolish the building." In fact, we purposefully chose not to vote and divide our Clinton community on something we could not control. Instead, we directed those interested in saving the annex to Ms. Mary Beth Hirsch.

* We would love to continue using the building for our own students, but CCS did not give us that option.

Four years ago, we published a letter in this very paper begging interested parties to not wait until the last minute to try and save this building. We beg you now: Please get your facts straight. Our PTA volunteers have more important things to do than defend ourselves against an uninformed CAC commissioner on something beyond our control.

Shelly Everett