Recall of Sagar is about Ward 1 residents' concerns

To the Editor:

Are we in Washington, D.C.? It appears the politicians in Pataskala have circled the wagons to protect one of their own. None of them have mentioned the concerns of the constituents in Ward 1.

The residents that followed the city charter to recall Sagar. They are the ones who decide. They believe Sagar has not been looking out for their ward's best interests.

None of these politicians live in Ward 1. Mr. King lives in Ward 4, Mr. Lenzo lives in Ward 2, Mr. Hayes lives in Ward 4, Mr. Butcher lives in Ward 4 and Ms. Gibson lives in Ward 2. Audrey Marty is not registered in Licking County. The Licking Heights school board elected by the people even is taking sides in a political election?

I will tell you what I know. Most all of these people have been part of voting in a bloc for years. Many have been the pushers for a 2 percent RITA tax and others. Many have been the pushers of the Washington politicians' view of "borrow today and our kids will pay it off later."

In my opinion, Mrs. Sagar's vote most of the time supported them all. I would like to suggest to the residents of Ward 1:

* Read the literature you will receive in the mail.

* Talk to other Ward1 residents.

* Review past meeting recordings.

* Review past minutes of meetings.

* See how your Ward 1 representative voted.

I agree Mrs. Sagar has not been supportive of our firearms-discharge zone. I believe she uses personal reasons to not vote with someone instead of looking at how issues help the city.

The best thing for our community is to have representatives that will follow our charter and listen to the residents of the city.

Mike Fox
Pataskala City Council member