Canal Winchester

'Brooklyn's Bags' helped fill food pantry shelves

To the Editor:

I'm an 11-year-old student at Canal Winchester Middle School. As part of my 4-H project this year, my friends and I placed bags on doors in some different Canal Winchester neighborhoods asking for donations for the Canal Winchester Food Pantry.

I called this "Brooklyn's Bags." Since I could not thank each person individually, I would like to thank everyone who donated to my food collection program and unexpectedly left encouraging notes on the bags. I appreciate you helping me reach my goal and being so generous.

I was able to collect 722 items that day and collected 1,326 items total.

I competed in the Ohio State Fair with this project and included your notes on my display board.

Thanks again for supporting my project and the Canal Winchester Food Pantry. I hope you will consider donating to "Brooklyn's Bags" again next year.

Brooklyn Best
Canal Winchester