City Council shouldn't drag feet in referendum process

To the Editor:

As you know, Powell City Council has done a great job and approved the metering of the train crossing in downtown Powell. They have also approved high-density apartment projects in the downtown area and are reviewing additional requests that will add more housing and traffic to the downtown "Four Corners" intersection.

A group of homeowners expressed their disagreement with adding more traffic to downtown, but council has decided to move forward.

We have exercised our right to petition and created a ballot initiative so the voters can have their voices heard. The board of elections has validated the two petitions, but Powell City Council is delaying its approval.

These issues should be put before the voters so our voices can be heard.

Please take 10 minutes to review the facts, and then ask council to move forward at their next meeting and approve the petitions. Call council, write council members individually, or simply email council@cityofpowell.us using the subject line: "Please approve the ballot initiatives." Hopefully they will get the message that we want our voices heard at the November election. Then exercise your right to vote!

Tony Dolciato