Committee did its job; council members did not

To the Editor:

I take no position on whether Reynoldsburg should have maintained its pit-bull ban, repealed it or, for that matter, expanded it to encompass all dogs.

Had the circumstances been reversed, with the committee recommending retention and council voting to repeal, my letter, save for a few changed words, would have been identical.

The issue is the blatant contempt of five members of city council for its citizenry. One group came before council requesting a change in law. Rather than take their time to study and decide the issue, council chose instead to ask members of the community to take time out of their busy schedules and do research and hold hearings.

A number of people selflessly consented to do so, put in time and effort to study the issue, and ultimately made a recommendation to council. Their reward for their time and service: a swift kick in the teeth -- or, more correctly, five swift kicks in the teeth.

The five council members have exhibited zero respect for the efforts of the citizens who filled the ad hoc committee. These citizens have been told that their service was of no value as council chose to disregard its recommendation. If it intended to take so little consideration of the efforts that the group put in, why waste these good citizens' time and efforts?

After this episode, I cannot understand why any citizen would be willing to lift a finger to assist the city. If the reward for your time and service is a middle-finger salute, what concerned citizen would waste his or her time to attempt to improve the city?

I should add, simply for clarification, that I know none of the members of the committee. Unlike the five council members, I have the utmost respect for the work put in by all committee members, regardless of their views on the final decision.

Chris Gallutia