Disagreement with Sagar does not justify recall

To the Editor:

I write today to ask those voters in Pataskala Ward 1 to support Pat Sagar in the Aug. 19 recall election.

Being new to Pataskala City Council, the insight Pat has given me has been invaluable. From the beginning, she took the time to meet with me to give both her perspective and her philosophy on the city and its operations.

That's not to say that we agree on everything. In fact, we have been on opposite sides of several key votes.

Proof of her professionalism is that those differences of opinion have never resulted in her holding any animosity toward me personally.

The citizens asking for this recall are "technically" within their rights according to the city charter.

However, most of their reasoning revolves around the fact that they don't like how she votes.

After speaking to several citizens involved in the creation of the city, I believe that the recall option was included for much more serious situations.

To recall Mrs. Sagar simply for disagreeing with how she votes or because you don't get along with her personally is a waste of city money.

Pat Sagar deserves to finish her lengthy dedicated public service in the council seat she rightfully won.

Tim Hickin
Pataskala City Council member