Officials dodged chance to promote community safety

To the Editor:

City officials never stated how the ban on pit-bull-type dogs in Reynoldsburg keeps residents safe.

Similarly, pro-ban residents couldn't find a single animal expert, humane agency or scientific document in the past year to support any claims that breed bans promote safety. All pro-ban testimony consisted of media reports that contained not a shred of investigatory content and statistics based on those same reports.

Even city data can't support claims of safety since the effectiveness of the ban has never been monitored. In fact, police records show a complete lack of ban enforcement prior to the request to repeal it.

The city has put a lot of work into ignoring scientific research and expert testimony about the ineffectiveness of breed bans. It is a shame this same effort didn't instead go to educating citizens about bite prevention and writing solid legislation to include strong anti-tethering and leash laws and stricter penalties for code violations.

The opportunity to provide initiatives that actually promote community safety has been dodged. Nice job, Reynoldsburg!

Lori Schwartzkopf