I have known Pat Sagar for over 25 years.

To the Editor:

I have known Pat Sagar for over 25 years.

She was one of the first people I met when I came to teach at Licking Heights.

She was kind, enthusiastic and very proud of Licking Heights and her entire food-service crew.

Pat provided outstanding leadership to the district and our food-service department was outstanding, with an enviable record of running at a profit throughout her tenure.

When Lima Township merged with Pataskala, Pat took up the challenge of serving her community with the same enthusiasm and passion as a councilwoman.

Even though we haven't always agreed on every council vote or decision, she is always willing to listen and represent her ward with her good judgment and common sense.

I will proudly vote to retain Pat in the upcoming recall election and urge all fair-minded citizens to support our current councilwoman against this unfair action.

Tom Shook
Summit Station