German Village

Corotis, indeed, credited with naming The Village

To the Editor:

In the July 31 story about the painting of a brick house in German Village, reporter Gary Seman noted that property owner Jenny Barnes "claimed" her father Robert Corotis was credited with naming the neighborhood.

We do have a habit of dining out on urban legends in German Village, but Ms. Barnes' account is not an example of that.

In early 1960 when Frank Fetch and the group he had interested in developing the neighborhood were considering names for the initiative, Mr. Corotis suggested "Deutsches Dorf" in attempt to show off the language skills he had developed in the military.

"Nobody will be able to remember or spell that" he was told. "What does it even mean?" they asked.

"It means German Village" Mr. Corotis explained.

"Well that works, doesn't it? Let's just go with German Village," they agreed.

Mr. Corotis told me the story, and Dorothy Fischer, who served as the German Village Society's historian for 40 years, confirmed it.

The amazing thing was Mrs. Fischer could also tell you where they had the meeting and what food was served. We miss her so.

Jenny Corotis Barnes is a caretaker of her father's legacy and I am pleased to authenticate her "claim."

Katharine Moore
former director of the German Village Society