New Albany

District officials must justify need for levies

To the Editor:

I am opposed to the permanent tax increase (levied in the form of a millage increase on our property) contemplated for our public schools.

Here is why:

* Concurrent with this announcement was our notification from Franklin County this past week that our home valuation was increasing approximately 5 percent.

* There are the tax abatements to our commercial neighbors and deals with the city of Columbus.

Look, I love living in the land of the white fences, and I want our schools to be in the top 5-10 percent.

Still, there is a point where as a property owner, an empty nester and a parent who chose to send his children to Columbus Academy, I need questions answered by our school administration before I can cheerfully support paying more taxes:

* Does the school budget reflect belt-tightening commensurate with our neighboring school districts? (This needs to include designing and building to the original approved budgets.)

* Does our revenue faithfully account for all impacts to the total revenue stream?

The reality is that organizations will increase their spending to consume their allocated budgets. Until I feel comfortable with those answers, the levy will not gain my vote.

Fellow residents, what do you think? Let our leaders know your views.

John Bush
New Albany