Frazell pathway project improved quality of life

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the city of Hilliard and the city of Columbus for their partnership on the Frazell Road pathway project.

This seemingly simple pathway that now connects Franks Park, Tinapple Plaza and the neighborhood that surrounds Tinapple Park has been an amazing tool for the adults and children of Hilliard.

I have witnessed more kids out this summer on their bikes and using the trail to get to the surrounding businesses, parks and pools.

As a parent, I am comfortable taking my young children across Frazell Road on their bicycles to shop and visit in other parts of Hilliard.

The crossings at Bohlen and Hyde Park drives provide the people of Westbriar, Brookfield Village, Hyde Park and Wynneoak -- where I live -- safe access to more parts of Hilliard in an earth-friendly and healthy way.

As a runner, this connection is a blessing because I can now confidently and safely run along Frazell road -- even at night.

I am personally looking forward to more projects like this around Hilliard.

I patiently await the extension of the Heritage Trail and hope that more sidewalks can be put in along Dublin Road, Scioto Darby Road and Alton Darby Creek Road.

As a marathon runner, I enjoy training in my own city and I often "run out of road."

I encourage all residents to slow down on our streets, stop at pedestrian crosswalks and share the road safely and respectfully with cyclists.

I know that we are all in a rush, but I promise that you will enjoy watching our residents and our children get healthier and the surrounding businesses prosper.

Cara Boettner