Strike would be unfair to teachers and students

To the Editor:

I have become increasingly concerned over the possibility of an impending strike in the Reynoldsburg school district.

My deepest concern is for the safety of the students in Reynoldsburg if a strike were to happen. At the end of last school year, there were as many as 45 students in a math class at Baldwin Road Junior High.

With enrollment exceeding 7,000 this school year, excessive class size is likely to present itself as an issue.

Overcrowded classrooms pose a fire and physical safety hazard for our students, as well as an emotional threat. With so many children in one room, an appropriate level of supervision is a concern. Will children that do not pose a discipline problem at school be acknowledged on a daily basis or will they be overlooked if they behave? Will children have their individual needs identified and met if they are one of 30-plus children in one room?

If a strike occurs, students will be under the supervision of substitutes that will not be certified in the areas in which they will teach. Children will be placed under the supervision of a person that has no educational training, classroom management skills or training in child development. How will a substitute meet the guidelines of IEPs or 504 plans for children with individual and special needs?

I don't want my children's yearly academic progress to be impacted by an unqualified substitute. How unfair is it that once the strike ends, the original teachers' evaluations would be influenced by what wasn't taught in their absence?

The board needs to see that a strike will produce more harm than good and be held accountable for providing the best learning experience possible for the children of this community.

Denise Shook