It may defy logic and science, but for Bexley resident Jonathan Steinberg, some flames are cool.

It may defy logic and science, but for Bexley resident Jonathan Steinberg, some flames are cool.

Steinberg was on vacation with his wife, Virginia, in May 2008 when he saw a glass fireplace in action at a Los Angeles club. The ceramic logs had been replaced with a bed of tumbled glass pieces.

Steinberg was mesmerized by the flames.

"I couldn't believe what I was looking at," he said. "It was just the coolest thing I have ever seen."

Steinberg, a 49-year-old-graphics designer, liked the idea of a glass-based gas fireplace so much that he began looking into selling them in Columbus.

"It had never gotten east of Arizona and I thought, 'Why not?' " Steinberg said.

After a year of research and arranging suppliers, Steinberg unveiled his business, Eish Fireglass, at the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show in February.

Steinberg said he was worried that the idea of a glass fireplace was too "West Coast" to be well received in Columbus.

"I went to the home show thinking if I sell two of these it would be interesting," he said. "By the end of the home show, 300 people a day were coming to see us."

Steinberg, who still works as a graphics designer, recently moved the business from his Bexley home to a showroom located at 2803 Delmar Drive. He said he has sold more than 100 fireplaces.

He says his product is very simple. Dyed pieces of glass are poured four inches high over gas burners. The flames come though the spaces between the pieces of glass.

"All we're really doing is taking out all the gas logs, the grates and all the dirty stuff that goes around it," Steinberg said, "and basically putting in a bed of beautiful glass in your fireplace."

In addition to fireplaces, Eish Fireglass also offers outdoor tables with a fireplace in the middle. Tables are available with a variety of designs and materials.

According to Steinberg, the glass fireplace generates as much as five times more heat than a ceramic log fireplace.

"That gas and the flame is finding its way through all the nooks and crannies, spreading itself out and heating up all that glass," Steinberg said. "So you're literally getting square footage of glass that's heating up and retaining the heat."

The benefit of this, Steinberg said, is that the fireplaces burn less gas and generally are cleaner than the alternatives.

Sunnie Hallet, a Bexley resident, had her ceramic fireplace replaced with Eish fireglass after seeing a brochure at the home and garden show. Hallet was impressed with the low maintenance required by the fireplace.

"You could just put (the glass) in a strainer and wash it if it got dirty," Hallet said. "But I've never had to do that."

Steinberg has a 10,000-day guarantee on the glass and says it won't burn, crack or discolor.

"The only reason ever to touch the glass is if you want to change colors," Steinberg said.

He said unlike ceramic log fireplaces, the fireglass fireplace also is a work of art.

"It looks beautiful just sitting there," he said.