Bexley City Schools will say goodbye to several veteran teachers at the end of the school year.

Bexley City Schools will say goodbye to several veteran teachers at the end of the school year.

High school English teacher Janice Yoder has been teaching in Bexley since 1998 and for 27 years overall. She also has taught at schools in Whitehall and Monterey, Calif.

She called her time in Bexley a great experience, one that she absolutely loved.

"I'm a very fortunate person," she said. "I live in the city, work in the city and know the people in my south Bexley neighborhood."

Yoder plans to spend time with her elderly parents in California and her grandchildren, and travel with her husband.

"I (also) will be reading," she said. "I love to read."

High school American history teacher Dean Chappelle has been with the school district since 1972, and a student council adviser since the late 1980s.

"I was involved in student council as a student in high school back in Dayton," he said.

Being a teacher was appealing, Chappelle said, because he wanted to use his career to help people.

He plans to take some courses at Columbus State Community College in retirement.

Librarian Linda Douglas has been with the district for 27 years. She said it's a good time to retire because she's in good health and wants to spend time with her family.

"I started working in the library when I was in high school and thoroughly enjoyed it," she said. "I love sharing books with people."

Douglas will miss interacting with the schoolchildren, the teachers and the literature.

"(Bexley) is a great place to work. I've been lucky for 27 years to be here," she said.

Middle school American history teacher David Sanders said he has been teaching in Bexley for 34 years. He taught in Westerville for one year and subbed a year.

He said the time is right to retire, adding "I have almost 36 years in. I feel great. I still love teaching, but I'm ready to do something else."

Sanders, who will travel to Amsterdam and Paris after the school year, said he will miss the students, teachers and his subject.

Cassingham sixth-grade teacher Peg Antle has been teaching for 30 years. She started in Bexley as a substitute teacher and was hired in 1985. She is a third generation Bexley resident, having graduated from Bexley High School.

High school math teacher Lorraine Hilton is retiring after 30 years of teaching, 26 in Bexley. She said she is most proud of the effort her students have put into their coursework.

Middle School math teacher Peg Englehardt is retiring after 30 years of teaching, 14 in Bexley. She also taught at schools in Pataskala and Gahanna.

High school English teacher Denise Novak is retiring after summer school. She has 35 years of experience and was hired in Bexley in 1985. She came from Chicago.

Also retiring is Sharon Anderson, who has been administrative assistant at Maryland Elementary School for 28 years.