On behalf of the Bexley Athletic Boosters Inc., we want to thank all of the people and businesses who supported our mulch sale.

To the editor:

On behalf of the Bexley Athletic Boosters Inc., we want to thank all of the people and businesses who supported our mulch sale.

Our mulch sales are one of the larger fundraising events of the year. This year was our largest sales as we delivered more than 9,000 bags on April 28 to Bexley residents, business and other supporters of the Boosters.

Money raised by our fundraisers has helped provided the following items over the past year:

* Install baseball/softball storage case and new netting for hitting cage;

* Upgrades to the weight room;

* Provide new tennis signs;

* Provide new team uniforms;

* Upgrades to Clowson baseball field;

* Donation to new turf field; and

* Student scholarships.

We would like to thank the leadership team headed by Tom Hart, Ed Hess, Scott Elisar, Malcolm and Nancy Porter, Nikki and Ed Hess, Kim and John Kellogg, Mitch and Kathy Fries, Jen Detweiler and host of other parent volunteers.

We also want to thank all of the Bexley coaches, administrators, city employees and student athletes for their hard work as well as local businesses who donated trucks, food and supplies for the event.

Bryan Drewry
Bexley Boosters president

Support of Glick family makes recognition possible

To the editor:

We were excited to see the Bexley Educator of the Year, Cassingham Kindergarten teacher Amy Dunn, featured on page one of your paper (This Week Bexley News, May 10 issue). The award is given annually to an educator whose leadership, dedication, extraordinary achievements and commitment to the classroom and the community have made a difference in children's lives.

This is the 17th year that the award has been presented.

The Educator of the Year award was created in 1998 by the family of Robert A. Glick, who was a member of the Bexley class of 1933 and an active alumnus. To honor his memory, the family of Mr. Glick established the Robert A. Glick Endowment Fund for the Bexley Education Foundation at the Columbus Jewish Foundation.

This endowed fund, together with funding from BEF, supports a $1,000 award each year for the Bexley Educator of the Year. The award is administered by BEF, and the recipient is selected by a committee that includes BEF board members, Bexley parents, local educators and other Bexley community members.

Thank you for your coverage of this exciting and well-deserved award!

Victoria Powers
Bexley Educator of the Year
Selection Committee

ADAMH recognizes May as Mental Health Month

To the editor:

On April 24, the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Trustees officially recognized May as Mental Health Month by passing a resolution at our board meeting.

As a member of the board and a Northland resident, I encourage you to learn about mental health and how important it is to overall health. One sad fact is that many people living with a mental health condition - as high as 50 percent - never seek or receive help, due to stigma, lack of information, cost or lack of health insurance coverage.

Many people may be reluctant to ask for help or don't know where to find it. But there are many community and national resources that can help people find support and treatment, like Mental Health America of Franklin County.

It's important that more people have access to treatment and services because there is a great deal of knowledge about how to identify and even prevent mental health conditions.

The ADAMH Board of Franklin County encourages you to educate yourself about mental health. With effective treatment, individuals with mental health conditions can go on to leady health productive lives in our community.

Mitzi Kirkbride
ADAMH Board of Trustees Franklin County