The city of Bexley has announced the winners of the first "LoveYourAlley" competition.

The city of Bexley has announced the winners of the first "LoveYourAlley" competition.

"Last weekend, a panel of judges walked, biked, and drove Bexley's alley blocks, looking for the best kept property and the best overall alley block," Mayor Ben Kessler said. "We saw a good range of alley conditions, and among those alleys we found some real gems."

The award for Best Alley Block went to the alley between Brentwood and Bexley Park on the north and south, and Cassady and Dawson on the east and west.

"This alley stood out because of consistently maintained alley landscaping, tidy trash cans, well-painted garages and outbuildings, and an overall high level of property maintenance," Kessler said. "As a prize, this alley wins a catered block party, with pizzas from Bexley Pizza Plus and ice cream from Johnson's Ice Cream."

The award for Best Individual Alley Property went to 706 S. Roosevelt Ave.

"We were happy to see a range of well-maintained alley properties throughout the city," Kessler said. "This one rose to the top because the landscaping installed on this impeccably maintained property was intentionally alley-facing -- like a gift to its alley neighbors."

The Bexley swag bag prize includes prizes from Yard Barbers ($200 coupon), deMonye's Greenhouse ($50 gift card), roll: ($55 gift card and a T-shirt), Spoon Me ($10 gift card and a T-shirt), She She Boutique ($25 gift certificate), and the Bexley Coffee Shop ($20 gift card).