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2012 Major Grants back varied initiatives


The Bexley Community Foundation announced Sept. 27 that $130,000 had been donated in the 2011 Building A Foundation campaign and $129,520 was returned to the Bexley community via six major grants and seven small grants.

The goal for the 2011 campaign was $100,000.

The announcements came during the 2012 Building Our Foundation annual event at the Columbus Foundation.

The theme of the event was "Promises Made; Promises Kept."

Susan Quintenz, chairwoman of the Board of Directors, led the evening's program and shared with nearly 200 people the promises made to them last September and the commitments fulfilled throughout 2012.

Highlights of the evening included:

* Six major grants totaling $99,500 were presented.

* One small grant to Bexley Public Radio totaling $2,000 was accepted by Kurt Weinland, treasurer of the Bexley Public Radio Foundation. The grant will allow WCRX-LP 102.1 FM programming to be streamed on the Internet.

* The 2012 Cornerstone Award was presented to Rodney and Donna Wasserstrom for their life-long community and philanthropy leadership in central Ohio.

* The announcement by Gary Giller, development director for the Bexley Community Foundation, that the 2012 Building Our Foundation campaign goal is $130,000 and the commitment to current and future donors that promises made will continue to be realized throughout 2013.

"Guests attending last night's event said we hit a 'home run' for Bexley and the Bexley Community Foundation," Quintenz said. "Now on to the next ball game."

The list of Major Grant award recipients included:

* Bexley Historical Society ($5,000), Preventive Conservation Needs Assessment: With this grant the society will hire a trained conservator to evaluate current policies and practices. The conservator will also be recommending the development of a community outreach plan.

* Capital University and Bexley Public Library, Collaborating with: Bexley Historical Society; Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce; city of Bexley -- Mayor's Office; city of Bexley -- Recreation and Parks Department; Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus ($20,000) Ohio Chautauqua in Bexley: "When Ohio Was the Western Frontier" will be the theme of this large collaborative of Bexley community, business and government leaders led by Capital University and the Bexley Public Library.

* City of Bexley -- Mayor of Bexley, Collaborating with: Capital University; Friends of the Drexel ($7,000) Movies on Main: This collaborative will produce from May through September 2013 family movies on Capital's front lawn. Movies will be free of charge to all patrons. Ice cream from local vendors plus popcorn and soft drinks from the Drexel Theatre will be sold.

* City of Bexley -- Recreation and Parks Department, Collaborating with: Alum Creek Corridor Committee (12,500) Alum Creek Park Plan: The funds will be used in conjunction with matching funds to assist in the creation of a comprehensive Alum Creek Park Plan. The firm will review the entire length of Alum Creek on the Bexley side with a focus on a continual park along Alum Creek between Main Street and Livingston Avenue.

* City of Bexley -- Recreation and Parks Department: Jeffrey Mansion Brick Walkway ($30,000): This grant will fund the construction of walkways and landscaping on both sides of the driveway from Parkview Avenue to Jeffrey Mansion.

* Friends of the Drexel: Upgrading to Digital Cinematography ($ 25,000): Digital cinematography is becoming the norm in movie theaters nationwide. The Drexel needs to upgrade to this technology in order to remain a viable theater. This grant will provide keystone funding in support of the Drexel Theatre's overall initiative to replace current projection equipment with advance technology.

For additional information about the Bexley Community Foundation's grant process, visit the foundation website,