Legislation is under consideration by Bexley City Council to form a Community Improvement Corporation.

Legislation is under consideration by Bexley City Council to form a Community Improvement Corporation.

The ordinance was introduced during council's Oct. 9 meeting.

"The Community Improvement Corporation resolution establishes the organizing articles for Bexley's CIC," Mayor Ben Kessler said.

Kessler said the idea originated with the Bexley Land Use Strategy Commission.

"One of the recommendations of the Bexley Land Use Strategy was to form a CIC to serve as an economic development agent of the city," Kessler said. "A CIC is an entity that can proactively assist in the development of the city, including by purchasing and selling real estate in a much more flexible manner than the city can on its own."

A 15-member board would oversee the CIC.

"Control of the CIC is vested in a mixture of publicly elected officials and appointed members, providing an opportunity for qualified and interested residents to help facilitate the city's development initiatives," he said. "The structure of the Bexley CIC, as proposed, would involve a 15-member board."

Six of the 15 members would be elected officials and a director of the city. This would satisfy the Ohio statutory requirement of at least 40 percent of the CIC being composed of elected officials and officers of the city. The CIC resolution specifies the six elected officials to be: the mayor; the auditor; the City Council chair of finance, chair of zoning and development, and strategic chair; and a city director appointed by the mayor to the CIC.

The remaining nine members of the CIC would be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by City Council, in much the same way as commission members of the city are appointed and confirmed.

"These members would be Bexley residents with a background in development, real estate, marketing, or other pertinent fields," Kessler said. "Bexley has many residents with outstanding development and real estate talent. A CIC will be a great way to connect this talent with a means to help coordinate the city's redevelopment efforts."

Kessler said the group's initial focus will be on redevelopment.

"Right off the bat, I envision this group tackling the redevelopment of the City Hall site, and facilitating redevelopment opportunities at Main Street, Livingston, and North Cassady," Kessler said.

"Many surrounding communities have used CICs when confronted with more complicated or challenging development situations," Kessler said. "Local communities which have CICs include, among others, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Gahanna, New Albany, and Grove City."