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Website discussion

Boosters opt for operating separate site


The Bexley Athletic Boosters will pull away from the Bexley City School District's joint athletic website after deciding to operate a site on its own.

The decision came during ongoing talks between the district and the Boosters in an effort to overcome communication issues involving sports schedules, coaches and game updates.

Bryan Drewry, president of the Bexley Athletic Boosters, made the announcement at the district's monthly board of education meeting Oct. 8, a week after the two sides had met to talk about a resolution to the problem.

"We tried to address as many issues as possible that have come up," Drewry told board members and district representatives Oct. 8, "but with that, there continues to be other issues.

"We want our main focus to be on student athletes."

Drewry said the group came to the decision to pull away from the joint website following a meeting by the executive committee Oct. 7.

"Our discussion focused on the input that we have received back from the Bexley City School District and Board of Education representatives regarding the Boosters' involvement with the joint Athletic Department and Boosters website," Drewry said in a letter to Superintendent Michael Johnson dated Oct. 8.

"Given the school district's concerns over the current joint website, the Boosters executive committee has determined to start updating the content of the website to only include Boosters-related information, with the understanding that there is to be a prominently displayed link to the Boosters website included on the school-based Athletic Department Website," Drewry continued in his letter to Johnson.

Following the Oct. 8 announcement, Johnson said he was not surprised by the group's decision.

Board members made no comment following the announcement.

Representatives from the group and the district, along with other community members and one school board member, met Oct. 1 to discuss how best to relay sports information to the community -- particularly schedules and scheduling changes.

Johnson, Technology Director Paul Ross and Public Information Coordinator Amy Thompson were scheduled to meet again Oct. 9 to come up with a final resolution as a result of the Oct. 1 forum and were to make a recommendation to the school board next month.

During the Oct. 1 meeting, the school district presented the group with a prototype of their own athletic page. While the prototype may have appeared to be more polished, Drewry said he felt the content was about the same as the current joint site.

It appeared the district itself was leaning toward operating separate sites following the Oct. 1 meeting, but had not yet made a decision.

The presentation of the prototype appeared to have helped the Boosters make their own decision -- " ... given the school district's decision to develop its own site, and the effects of this decision on the Boosters' ability to raise money to support the current joint website, the Boosters executive committee has determined that we are not in the position to continue funding the School District's portion of the web site beyond Dec. 31, 2012," said Drewry in his letter to Johnson.

Both sides have committed to working together during the transition period.