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Trail, woods dedication

Plaque at mansion remembers Brennan


A plaque placed on a rock by the sitting area near the Jeffrey Mansion walking trail simply says: "In loving memory of John Brennan, a friend to all."

The popular Bexley mayor, who died of pancreatic cancer in January, was remembered by a group of friends and family Oct. 21 when the walking trail and woods at Jeffrey Mansion were dedicated in his honor.

"It was a great event with many of Mayor Brennan's family in attendance," said Mike Price, Bexley Recreation and Parks director. "The woods and the walking paths located to the south of the Jeffrey Mansion were dedicated in Mayor Brennan's honor. A sign was placed at the main entrance to the woods as well as a sitting area and plaque located on the walking path."

The plaque located at the entrance to the South Woods in Bexley reads: "These trails are dedicated to Mayor John M. Brennan in honor of his countless years of service to the city of Bexley and the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department."

Brennan served as Bexley's recreation director from 1972-84. Among other duties, he was responsible for the preservation of the Jeffrey Mansion and Park. As mayor of the city of Bexley from 2008-12, Brennan continued to be an advocate for the benefits of Recreation and Parks. Brennan was easily elected to a second term in office in November 2011. He died shortly after that second term began.

Brennan's personal choice for his successor, Mayor Ben Kessler, shared his memories of his predecessor during the dedication.

"John Brennan dedicated his life to the service of Bexley as a coach, recreation director, council member, restaurant owner and mayor," Kessler said. "Being mayor was the penultimate accomplishment of this dedication. It was a job he loved deeply, because he loved the community deeply. John Brennan was Bexley personified: quick to lend a helping hand to anyone and endlessly passionate about our community."