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Funds from estate help to promote literacy


The Bexley Public Library has received a $234,338.62 gift from the estate of local resident Marilyn K. Limbird, a supporter of the role of libraries and literacy.

The library received the remainder of Limbird's estate in addition to the proceeds from her home, which was sold by the library in July 2011.

"We are so grateful for Ms. Limbird's generous gift," said Bexley Public Library Director Rachel Rubin. "We are always looking for ways to make it easier for patrons to access our materials. Her donation will allow us to make significant improvements in this area that we would otherwise not be able to make."

Limbird was an avid library user and regularly called the reference desk for help with research. Her brother, William R. (Bill) Davy, said his sister had a gift for working with people who faced serious challenges. She worked in occupational therapy at Mount Carmel East Hospital for 25 years and at the St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown for 10 years. She taught her patients to cope with their problems and learn to take care of themselves.

Through her volunteer work with the Columbus Literacy Council, she also helped adults learn to read.

"My sister wanted to do good," Davy said. "She wanted to support an organization that had permanent value by helping others help themselves."

In addition, an anonymous donor recently gave $10,000 to establish the Bexley Public Library Fund at the Columbus Foundation. Since that time, the fund has received an additional $5,000 in donations.

"The establishment of the endowment fund at the Columbus Foundation provides an excellent avenue for those who wish to support the library. Gifts to the foundation will allow us to make continuous improvements and enhance our programs and services over the long term," Rubin said.

Limbird's gift and contributions to the endowment fund will help the library continue its mission to enlighten, engage, and inspire a community of lifelong learners.