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Gateway improvements

North Cassady, Delmar intersection gets makeover

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Joshua A. Bickel/ThisWeekNEWS
Piers Johnstone(left) of Johnstone & Associates Design Inc., lays down slabs of limestone as Darrah McKinney (right) brings in another block as the pair finish work on a gateway located at Cassady and Delmar streets, Nov. 26.

The North Cassady Avenue-Delmar Drive intersection is getting a new look.

"The Cassady-Delmar entrance to Bexley is a highly traveled route," said Susan Quintenz, chairwoman of the Bexley Tree and Public Gardens Commission. "It is one of the final gateway improvements from the endorsed master plan that began more than a decade ago."

The first installation was at Broad Street, east of the Alum Creek bridge.

Quintenz said the gateway installation at the southeast corner of Cassady and Delmar is a private-public partnership between the city of Bexley, the Community Housing Network, the Bexley Tree and Public Gardens Commission and the Bexley Beautification Fund.

"We have worked closely with the leadership team at the Community Housing Network and have been incredibly impressed and gratified with their willingness to assist the Bexley community to improve this entrance," she said.

The installation is being funded through a variety of sources, including grants from the Bexley Beautification Fund and the Bexley-Whitehall Rotary Club as well as a donation from the Community Housing Network.

Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler estimated the project has a $40,000 price tag.

"The current installation is the second installment to the Cassady and Delmar gateway that was initiated last year with the low wall and plantings on the northwest corner," Quintenz said.