We are seventh-grade students attending Bexley Middle School and we need your help.

We are seventh-grade students attending Bexley Middle School and we need your help.

As part of our Advanced Technology class, we are participating in a competition conducted by the U.S. Army educational outreach program: e-CYBERMISSION. This is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) competition in which groups of three or four students from across the country come together and try to solve a problem facing their community. Our team's members are Isaac Stewart, Jacob Arens and Zachary Sullivan.

Our team's problem is that people are sometimes confused by how many and what kinds of pills to take each day. Also, it is hard for people to read the labels on medication bottles.

To solve this problem we created the Octopills dispenser. We call it this because it is a pill dispenser that has eight slots for holding medication. There is one slot for every day of the week and then one for pills that do not have to be taken daily. It will be motion activated so all a person has to do is put his or her hand under a slot and the correct kinds and number of pills will drop out for that particular day. This makes it easier for a person to remember what medications have to be taken each day.

The dispenser only needs to be filled once a week so a person only has to read the labels and open individual bottles that often. This makes it much less likely for a person to become confused.

The Octopills dispenser can be hung on a wall or set on a table. It is approximately the size of an average shoebox and operates with electricity.

We are very excited to participate in e-CYBERMISSION and hope to help make taking medications easier for people in our community. The Octopills dispenser is proudly designed and manufactured in Bexley.

We have developed a survey to measure the need for and hear opinions about our product. We expect to gain confidence from a large number people taking our survey because we will gain more data to answer our questions and know that people would actually buy the Octopills dispenser if it were on the market.

The last day to complete the survey is Tuesday, Jan. 22. To learn more about the Octopills dispenser and take the survey, visit the website at Octopillsdispenser.weebly.com.

Authors Isaac Stewart, Jacob Arens and Zachary Sullivan attend Bexley Middle School.