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High school students' FTK dance will raise money for Children's

Students at Bexley High School will host a dance-a-thon this Saturday, March 2, in the Bexley High School gymnasium, with proceeds going to the oncology and hematology unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus.

FTK (For the Kids) runs from 4-9 p.m. with dancing, cakewalk and videogame play.

"The students have already raised more than $800," said Key Club adviser and Family and Consumer Science teacher Kelly Schulze, who is helping the students stage the event.

The students' fundraising goal is $5,000.

"We've come together from Key Club, Student Council, and GSA to work on this large fundraiser ... and we have an ambitious goal of attracting more than 200 participants of all ages," said Bexley High School student Jasper Lau about the event.

Registration costs $15 at the door, with cakewalk tickets $1 per entry.

A professional DJ from Varsity Squad Music will provide music throughout the evening; videos and audio of young Nationwide Children's patients will be featured during the event.

Sponsors of the FTK event includes local businesses Chipotle, Cherbourg Bakery, Salon Therapy, The Drexel Movie Theatre, Anthony's Pizzeria, Rubino's, Bexley Coffee Shop, Johnson's Ice Cream, and Cheryl's Cookies.