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Bexley: Man with knife robs hair salon

Bexley police arrested a man on charges that he used a knife to rob the Great Clips hair salon, 2509 E. Main St. of $120 March 28.

Police arrested Stewart J. Dreier Jr., 28, of Clymer Drive in Reynoldsburg after a short pursuit.

According to police reports, a man entered the business about 4:15 p.m. and showed a knife to one of the employees. She told police that when she opened the register, the man reached into the drawer and grabbed the cash before taking off in a vehicle parked outside. Police were immediately called and were able to stop the man just half a mile from the scene, at the corner of Euclaire and Astor avenues.

In other recent Bexley Police Department incident reports:

* A burglar entered a locked residence in the first block of Cassingham Road through a dog door on March 27. The homeowner called police when he found that a safe kept under his bed had been opened with a pair of scissors and $650 inside of it had been taken. A plastic bucket of change from the bedroom was found in the hallway, but the victim told police he was unsure if any money had been taken out of it. Police took the safe, scissors and bucket for fingerprinting.

* On March 24, police were called to the 2000 block of Columbus Avenue on a domestic violence report. After questioning a man and a woman at the scene, police determined that the woman, who made the call, was the primary aggressor in the argument that led to her stabbing the man in the shoulder with a steak knife. Police arrested the woman for felonious assault.