Bexley News

On the move

* Julie Horger, a Bexley High School English teacher, authored an article that appears in the May issue of the online journal AdLIT: In Perspective. Produced by the Ohio Resource Center, AdLit: In Perspective focuses on adolescent literacy, providing resources for professional learning and lessons for middle school and high school teachers.

Horger, who advises the Bexley High School student newspaper, The Torch, writes in the publication about the teaching of argumentative writing and how it relates to literary analysis. The chairwoman of Bexley High School's English Department, Horger teaches Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, as well as courses in creating writing and journalism.

* Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently appointed Robert A. Schmitz of Bexley to the Industrial Commission Nominating Council for a term beginning May 17, 2013, and ending Oct. 20, 2014.

* J.D. Ramage, a 2007 Bexley graduate, is working on production of a short film, The Race.

The Los Angeles-based independent filmmaker and writer/director plans to shoot on location in Bexley from June 6-9. A Capital University graduate, Ramage currently works full time in film and television production in California. His projects include the film Liberal Arts, directed by BHS graduate Josh Radnor, and the FOX primetime sitcom, The Mindy Project.