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Bexley students attend international villages, district hosts participants

Bexley students will be participating in a number of Children's International Summer Village programs this summer.

CISV offers travel opportunities and local activities that help young people grow through international experiences.

As a nonprofit organization, CISV's purpose is to create opportunities for cultural diversity through educational programs and experiences. Students who are 11 years old attend summer "villages" through the program.

Going to a village in Campinas, Brazil, this year are Bexley students Joy Hansen, Ella Hayden, Drew Kauffman and Ben Weeden.

Traveling to the Habo, Sweden Village, are Dylan Abel, Simon Keller, Simone Roberts and Veronica Ross.

A Village in Philadelphia will include Bexley students Emma Beckman, Morgan Bowers and Caanan Madison.

In addition two Bexley High School students will serve as Junior Counselors in Village programs this year -- Ben Krajnak in Gulfport, Miss., and Daisy James-Weidner in Springfield, Mass.

CISV's summer Interchange Program, designed for students of ages 12 through 15 and their families, involves back-to-back visits by delegations from two different countries. Bexley delegates travel to Londrina, Brazil, in late June and then host their Brazilian partners here in July. Those students participating are Avery Abel, Elin Hansen and Isaac Roe. Grace Maley travels to Vaasa, Finland and Daniel Krajnak goes to a Seminar Camp in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The Bexley community will host its third international program this summer, "Living the Dream," with 71 participants from Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Guatemala, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and the United States. The coordinators for the program are seeking volunteers to help with hosting, meals and laundry from late June to mid-July.

Bexley students first attended CISV programs in 2004. Since then, the number of students participating has gradually expanded.

The Columbus Chapter of the organization was formally established in 2003.

Anyone interests in volunteering at the Bexley village is asked to contact Lynn Vottero at 614-395-9603 or; or Amy Thompson, Bexley City Schools' public information coordinator, at or 614-352-7461.