Bexley News

District's maintenance efforts under way

While students in Bexley are enjoying their summer break, the Bexley City School district's maintenance staff is already beginning the task of preparing its facilities for the 2013-2014 school year.

Some of the maintenance items that will take place over the summer include gym floor recoating, waterproofing and parking lot repaving.

In addition, as business manager John Eikenberry announced at some spring school board meetings, the district will replace sections of roof, repair masonry and work on the tennis courts at the Cassingham Complex.

According to Bobby Moore, the district's maintenance supervisor, the staff must schedule its work around various kinds of activity. Bexley's Summer Academy starts on June 17 and runs through the end of July. In addition, programs such as CISV, basketball camps and music camps take place in the summer.

Moore asked that teachers and other visitors who are not involved in summer activities avoid the district buildings due to safety concerns.