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Light updates equal bright idea for cutting costs

Anineror lighting upgrade last year not only enabled the Bexley Public Library to improve brightness throughout its 2411 E. Main St. facility, it has also saved more than $17,000 in utility costs to date, according to Library Director Rachel Rubin.

"This was a win-win project for us," she said. "The library is more energy-efficient, we have significantly reduced our expenses and we are shrinking our impact on the environment.

"Plus, it is brighter inside the building. It's amazing how much good a few new light fixtures can do."

The $37,000 lighting project was offset by $9,440.76 in payments from American Electric Power's gridSMART program. The program provides incentives for electricity customers to invest in technologies that increase energy efficiency and conservation.

As part of the project, the library replaced its T-12 fluorescent lights with smaller, more efficient T-8 lights, installed light-emitting diode exit lights and added light sensors in spaces that are not in regular use.

As a result of the upgrades, the library's total electricity bill went from $7,374.28 in August 2012 to $4,631.58 this past August, a 37-percent decrease.

For the year to date, AEP has billed the library $32,609.97, versus $49,844.79 by the same time last year, a 34.6-percent decrease.

-- Chris Bournea