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Bexley auditor's race

Harvey views support for infrastructure as a need


Bexley city auditor candidate Bill Harvey, who has served as the city's service director since 2008, said his experience in public and private-sector financial services would benefit the position.

The auditor serves as the city's chief fiscal officer and is responsible for maintaining a fiscally sound government that conforms to generally accepted accounting, legal and management principles, according to the city's website.

Harvey is challenging auditor Gary Qualmann for the post on the Nov. 5 ballot.

"I have a strong finance operations background," Harvey said. "That, coupled with my experience working with the city -- I think I can bring very strong skills to the auditor's position."

Harvey holds a bachelor's degree in finance from Ohio State University. He previously worked as an internal auditor and vice president at Huntington National Bank and was a partner in the financial services firms Deloitte and KPMG.

As the city's service director, Harvey is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and operation of the city's water and sewer infrastructure, streets and alleys and maintenance of public areas, except for city parks.

If elected auditor, Harvey said his experience would benefit the city in identifying ways to upgrade infrastructure.

"Finances are always a challenge in a city like Bexley," he said. "We have aging infrastructure. We need to figure out a way to get funding to pay for repairs that will need to be made. I have experience in that area."

He said his experience as service director includes securing funding for major projects such as the repaving of Cassady, Sheridan, Francis and College avenues.

"All those projects, if not totally, were mostly paid for with grants and zero-interest loans from government agencies, mainly the Ohio Public Works Commission. I brought in over $9 million in grants and low-interest loans," Harvey said. "Those repairs would not have been able to have been made if I had not been able to secure that funding."